Introduction to the UM Zhuhai Research Institute

Southern Software Park

To strengthen the collaboration of the University of Macau with the educational institutions in mainland China, government departments and corporations, to raise, to show and to share the level of scientific research and achievements. The University of Macau establishes the UM Zhuhai Research Institute in the Southern Software Park in Zhuhai. The institute is mainly as an agency of the University of Macau for collaboration with the mainland academic institutions, government departments and the corporations to implement, to develop and to provide innovative applied research products and patented technologies, to encourage and to assist the teaching staff of the University of Macau in the commercialization of their research results, to promote the applied technologies and research products of the University of Macau to the market of mainland China.

The institute is mainly engaged in scientific research and technological development, technology transfer and distribution, technological consultation, services and training, assessment of scientific and technological achievements, science and technology literacy and other science and technology activities. Established for the purpose by the University of Macau in the Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China, Asia, as well as an important global scientific research and technological development base, so as to make groundbreaking contributions to China's economic development, and to bring up scientific and technological talents with international vision.

The Institute's research areas include: Electronics, Wireless and Information Technology, Computational Intelligent Technology, Internet of Things, Environmental and Energy, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering. In addition to the above research areas, the sustainable development in the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, managerial training and Chinese research. Internet of Things is one of the National Basic Research Program (also called 973 Program) which is organized and implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Internet of Things, new energy, green manufacturing, et al. are ranked as the top five emerging strategic industries. It is the focus of the Institute's research direction. Internet Of Things has the potentials to sense, to automatically adapt to the environment, to support effective decision making and control, to precisely control the physical world. In addition, the undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Macau will engaged in relevant research works at the Institute, and to attract more talents.